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Google Play Family Library

Google Play Family Library, introduced by Google on July 27, 2016, allows the sharing of purchases from the Google Play store including most apps, books, music, movies, TV shows and more (but not "in-app" purchases). Although similar to iTunes Family Sharing, Google Play Family Library appears to allow for more slightly more control by developers, allowing them to opt-out of Family Sharing for any purchases prior to July 2nd, 2016.

A Google Play Family Library can consist of up to 6 members, a "family manager" and up to 5 members; however it is important to note you can only switch groups once every twelve months so a little prior planning is suggested. If your family purchases paid content from the Google Play store, especially if the same content is being purchased by multiple family members, setting up a Google Play Family Library might make sense.

I'm primarily an Apple iTunes user; however I do have Android devices as well, and family members that are Android users, so it was a fairly simple process to setup a Family Library just for those with Android devices so that we could share purchases. Although, I imagine a group of friends that frequently purchase paid Google Play content could setup a Sharing Club similar to the club that I participate in with iTunes, if there were no family members to form a Family Library with.

Rather than "re-invent' the wheel so to speak, if you are interested in setting up a Google Play Family Library I suggest checking out the informative article by Droid Life that details the process in depth.


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