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Earn Play Store Credit with Google Opinion Rewards

edited May 2017 in Google Play
Are you a Google Play user? Do you purchase movies and TV shows on Google Play? How would you like some Play store credit for basically free?


Launched in November 2013, Google Opinion Rewards is a survey app from Google that pays you for filling out short surveys. Participation is pretty straight forward, download and install the app (Android only of course), then fill out some basic info about yourself. Once you are approved, surveys randomly show up within the app focusing on a variety of topics. Some are single question surveys, while others can be four or five deep but I've yet to run into any that are unduly long or taxing. When you complete a survey, Google will reward you with Play store credits.

I'm 'family manager' for a Google Play Family Library and each member has downloaded the app. It's hard to figure out what triggers a survey as it is rare for two or more family members to have the same survey at the same time. Also, reward amounts vary from survey to survey and there is the occasional 'no reward' survey; however overall I feel that that the app is definitely worth using. For example, the only figures I have handy are for myself and one other family member, but since I joined in May 2015 I've earned $45.13 in Play store credits to date, while the second account from June 2015 has earned $48.27, so almost $100 in Play store credit between these two accounts!

Personally we rarely purchase anything other than movies or TV shows with our credits and over the past couple of years we have developed a 'system' for making purchases to capitalize on how the Play store inter-relates with the rest of our accounts - especially Disney Movies Anywhere. Priority for purchases made using Play store credits on my account is given to DMA enabled movies since my Play account is tied to tied to my DMA account, so Disney purchases made with my account will show up on all eligible DMA connected services; including iTunes and Vudu. Priority for all purchases made by other Family Library members is given to any Family Library eligible titles as those purchases will be available to any Family Library member.

You won't make a mint doing these surveys, but it is a nice little stream of credits to use for purchases.

Interested in learning more? An additional resource you can check out is How To Earn Play Store Credits by Getting Google Opinion Rewards to Give You More Surveys by Gadget Hacks
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