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Pluto TV

Found this today while flipping through my Flipboard feeds, Pluto TV, which is a free Internet-based TV service founded in 2013, but which now seems to be gaining traction with the Cord Cutting community.


Pluto TV boasts over 75 live TV channels; including exclusives like News 24/7, After School Cartoons, the CNET channel and more, plus they have added 15 new channels within the last few months. The service is available on most popular devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV (yeah me!), and Chromecast.

I downloaded the app on my LG G Pad and toyed around with it some, watching a partial episode of MST3K: Secret Agent Super Dragon and my initial impression is that Pluto TV is pretty damned good for a free TV app.

Pluto TV is 100% free, so why not try it yourself today and let me know what you think below?

You can find more information at their official website Pluto TV and the current lineup is available as a PDF.

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