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The Risk of Collecting / Owning Digital Media

Ever since I started collecting various items digitally, namely media like music, movies, TV, ebooks and even comics books - I often wondered what would happen if that service ever failed, or if there is some sort of computer glitch that erased your account with a particular service, taking your digital media library with it?

Namely, "what if?"

Now, unfortunately it seems I will be shortly finding out the answer to the question "what if?" personally - at least in the case of my VHX collection, as when I tried to login to the VHX streaming service (now owned by Vimeo) tonight I was greeted by the following troubling alert...

- Admin note: email address has been edited out -

OH NOES! - that's somewhere in the neighborhood of 40-50 movies that I currently don't have access to, and am left to wonder what in the hell happened!

I did reach out to VHX customer service via their website and also sent a Tweet; however as it is Sunday night I don't expect a response until tomorrow at the earliest.

I will update this post as events unfold, but it definitely raises concerns about investing significantly in 'purchased' digital media content - and even though I don't anticipate Walmart/Vudu or Apple/iTunes going anywhere anytime soon it does raise the question of "what if?" doesn't it?


  • Here is the reply I received today from VHX
    Hi Stanley,

    Sorry about this, but are you positive you are an active paying customer to the content? If not, you will not be able to login until you are.

    If you are a paying customer, please let me know of any alternate email addresses you might own or the last 4 digits of the credit card you used to sign up. I only ask because there is no account/purchase/subscription under *email address removed*. Let me know and I'll do a search!

    Sorry again and thanks for your patience!


    ...just sent them a copy of the purchase receipt for "HITS" (which was a direct purchase).
  • edited May 2017
    Good News!

    VHX was able to successfully resolve the issue and my account is functioning normally...
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