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Studios Dropping 'Ultraviolet' From Packaging in Favor of 'Digital HD'?

Ultraviolet, the cloud-based digital rights locker for movies and TV shows may be undergoing a re-branding to "Digital HD" by movie studios.

As evidence by upcoming packaging, most notably upcoming Universal releases, the UV name and logo are noticeably absent with "Digital HD" and iTunes prominently displayed.


Since it's release Ultraviolet has been much maligned and plagued by customer perception issues that did not understand what "Ultraviolet" was, so the switch to "Digital HD" on packaging, while still likely powered by the Ultraviolet system, could be an attempt by studios to distance themselves from the Ultraviolet brand and an attempt to use more easily recognizable term to describe the included digital copy.

Only time will tell if this is unique to Universal or a general rebranding of the Ultraviolet platform itself.
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