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Movies Anywhere creates new opportunity for Amazon Video, Google Play and iTunes users.

Over the past several years many DVDs and Blu-rays have included some sort of digital copy; either as an additional disc included with the package or more often as a digital copy download code.

But things change quickly online, and it appears that despite backing by major players like Warner Bros. and Sony, that Ultraviolet, the former leader in this market segment is dying. Most studios now seem to be moving towards integration with Disney owned Movies Anywhere.

This definitely opens up new opportunities for users of non-UV platforms to acquire movies from participating studios cheaply, as digital copy codes that were previously UV only can now effectively be ported to other providers for MA compatible titles.



  • Do you know what qualifies for the free iTunes 4K upgrades? Thx
  • edited January 2018
    There still seems to be some controversy around this but...

    As far as I know the following applies and applies only to the iTunes 4K upgrade system and not the transfer of native 4K/UHD rights through the MA system.
    • Titles purchased at iTunes in HD (not SD) prior to the 4K release are eligible the free 4K upgrade. There appears to only be 2 purchase options for any given title, SD or HD/4K so I can only assume any future purchases are either HD or 4K.
    • HD (not SD) Digital Copy codes redeemed directly in iTunes are eligible the free 4K upgrade.
    • Titles upgraded from HD to 4K at iTunes shouldn't grant 4K/UHD rights to MA (there are reported exceptions).

    There are likely to be other exceptions and they may not even be consistent from account to account.

    If the TV app in iOS is to be believed my Harry Potter titles are now 4K despite that fact that most, if not all, of them were from SD codes. My 'guess' is that when MA started and was 'mistakenly' upgrading SD copies to HD and granting HD rights that my SD iTunes copies were granted HD rights and when the 4K version was released to the iTunes store that my copies were upgraded to 4K - bonus me!
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