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Movies Anywhere - Provider Quality Irregularities

While I feel that the Movies Anywhere platform overall is pretty damned great, it's not without it's quirks and one of those is providers having different definitions/quality for the same movie. This is to be expected with 4K/UHD where Apple is, at the moment, far outpacing the other providers in providing access to [4K] content, so where a title might be [4K] at Apple it may be [HDX] at Vudu (or vise-versa).

However; less common (but more puzzling) is when a provider has a title in [HD] but another provider only has [SD] available for the same title. For example, I recently purchased the MA eligible title "Night of the Lepus" in HD at Amazon and while iTunes has that title in [HD] it is only available in [SD] at vudu.

A few irregularities I've found include (focusing on iTunes/Vudu):
  • The Fly - iTunes [SD] / Vudu [HD]
  • Lifeboat (1944) - iTunes [SD] / Vudu [HD]
  • Night of the Lepus - iTunes [HD] / Vudu [SD]
  • Return of the Fly - iTunes [SD] / Vudu [HD]
  • Titanic (1953) - iTunes [SD] / Vudu [HD]

Find any titles like this in your collection? them here.
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