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How to legally convert DVD and Blu-ray movies to iTunes using Vudu and Movies Anywhere.

edited January 2018 in iTunes
When Vudu launched their Disc to Digital DVD and Blu-ray digital conversion system for Ultraviolet in 2013, I had always wished that there was an iTunes equivalent that would allow me to convert my existing DVDs and Blu-rays to iTunes purchases.

However, since no such system existed I maintained two separate digital lockers with iTunes being my 'go to' platform, and Vudu for as a backup full of low-cost conversions via their Disc-to-Digital program.

That all changed when Disney Movies Anywhere was relaunched on October 12, 2017 as Movies Anywhere, and the bulk of my Vudu purchases from participating studios Disney, Fox, Sony, Universal and Warner Bros. transferred from my Vudu account to my iTunes account (and vise-versa) once I connected iTunes and Vudu to the new Movies Anywhere service.

Hundreds of titles previously available to me to stream only from Vudu or other Ultraviolet providers were now available for me to stream or download via iTunes but the real question was if new Disc-to-digital conversions with Vudu would also transfer to iTunes if they were Movies Anywhere compatible titles and I'm happy to say "Hell Yeah!".

I have since converted dozens of additional movies via Vudu's Disc-to-digital service with most of the titles from participating studios migrating painlessly to iTunes while Ultraviolet only titles continue to be available only on Ultraviolet providers only for now.

If Vudu is your platform of choice there are roughly 8000 available titles that can be converted from DVD and Blu-ray to digital but if iTunes is your preferred platform that number drops significantly due to the notable absence of studios like Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM and other smaller studios. We can only hope that these non-participating studios join the Movies Anywhere system and more titles open up for conversion.

  • Costs - the Vudu Disc-to-digital conversion system isn't free, with costs ranging from $2-$5 depending on source and available conversion quality.
  • If looking for movies to port to iTunes always check the title in Vudu for the MA logo before conversion. While not 100% accurate it is probably 99% or so...
  • Vudu currently has 2 conversion systems, the classic desktop program that requires the physical disc, and their Mobile Disc-to-Digital program which uses an Android or iPhone app and requires that you be at the billing on the Vudu account and access to the UPC from the disc.
  • Mobile Disc-to-Digital (M2D) has fewer eligible titles for conversion.

Shout outs:
  • Many thanks to the members of who continue to be an invaluable resource.


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