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Verizon Up Members: Pick 1 of 10 Hit Movies from Vudu


A currently available promotion for Verizon Up members:
Pick 1 of 10 hit movies from Vudu; including
  • Spider-Man Homecoming
  • Only the Brave
  • Brigsby Bear
  • Baby Driver
  • + more
*see your Verizon Up account for eligibility and terms & conditions.


  • edited February 2018
    Got to claim my reward choices I was offered:
    • Brigsby Bear
    • Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House
    • Only the Brave
    • Baby Driver
    • Spider-man Homecoming
    • Life
    • Rough Night
    • The Dark Tower
    • Don't Breathe
    • Inferno

    I chose Mark Felt, because as far as I know, the top two titles in bold, do not have digital copy codes. All of the other titles can be obtained fairly inexpensively by using the tips discussed in my post - [How To] Get Movies And Television Seasons On The Cheap!.
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