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Buy 5 Best Picture winners for $5 each, receive a $25 Store Gift Card - Microsoft Movies & TV


For a limited time at Microsoft Movies & TV, buy 5 of the past Best Picture winners for $5 each and receive a $25 Store Gift Card. Offer is valid from 12:01 am EST on February 27, 2018 to 11:59 PM PST on March 5, 2018, while supplies last. Available only in Microsoft online store in the United States. Offer valid for select $25.00 Microsoft Store gift card only after purchase of 5 or more qualifying movies. Customer will receive a gift card for $25.00 via email with required promo code within one week of purchase.

>> add'l terms apply.

I picked up five, after tax each movie cost me about $0.30 but I used credit on my account from Bing rewards so my true OOP was nada!

After last years fiasco though I strongly encourage everyone to screenshot whatever they can in case you have to argue for the $25.00 gift card.

Great deal though for anyone with credit to burn or about to expire.

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